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United Canadian Malt was established under the direction of Dr. George Wander (Wander Foods) in 1929. Purchased by a private owner in 1988, our company has become international in nature supplying the food, pharmaceutical, and brewing industries with premier malt extracts and sweeteners. Situated on 7.5 acres, the factory is renowned for its classic Art Deco architectural design and its generous landscaping.

United Canadian Malt is Canada's largest manufacturer of a wide variety of liquid and dry, diastatic and non-diastatic extracts of malted barley, wheat, oats and rice. Committed to uncompromising consistent quality and dependable customer service, we are capable of developing and producing custom products for our customers.

Our customer base is extremely diverse as evidenced by the products in which our ingredients are found:
Cereals • Chocolates • Breads • Cookies • Pastries • Pet Foods
Vinegars • Chewing Gums • Ice Cream • Beverages • Beer
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