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Liquid Malt Extract is a vacuum concentrated syrup made from high quality malted barley. UCML manufactures some 300 different Liquid Extracts utilizing a variety of grains and process parameters to produce these natural, viscous sweeteners. Our product variety range covers:

Pure Malt Extracts and Syrups
Diastatic & Non-Diastatic   Extracts
Malt and Barley Extracts
Malt and Corn Extracts
Malt and Wheat Extracts
Cereal Grain Extracts
ORGANIC Malt Extracts
DRIED Malt Extracts
Rice Extracts and Syrups
Liquid Oat Extracts

Malt Extracts for the Baking Industry:
Both Non-Diastatic and Diastatic Extracts are used in a variety of baked goods such as breads, biscuits, bagels, crackers and sweet doughs. Fermentation process assistance improves structure, colour and crust appearance. Its additional advantage is its ability to impart a unique flavour and enhance various food products with subtle and desirable flavours and colour – naturally.

Malt Extracts for Confectionery & Snack Industries:
Used for both flavour and functional characteristics, malt extracts complement many chocolate, toffee, and sugar confections and also for ice creams and yogurts. Malt extract’s distinct taste, its nutritive value, and its maltose component caramelization capability add up to significant advantages for these confectionary industries.

Malt Extracts for the Cereal, Beverage and Food Nutrition Industries:
Malt Extracts contain all the digestible components of barley in a soluble form. Its natural, balanced nutrition makes it especially suitable as an ingredient of cereals, tonic food beverages and infant food products.

Organic Extracts:
UCML is a certified Organic production facility and we offer Liquid Extracts and Syrups made from a range of Organically certified grains.

Malt Extracts for Pharmaceuticals:
The characteristic flavour of both liquid and dried malt extracts is an effective vehicle for active substance administration. With its broad nourishment characteristics, malt offers an improvement over plain sugar syrups.

Malt Extracts – CUSTOM PRODUCTION: UCML is proud of its heritage in manufacturing Liquid and Dried Malt Extracts. Our business, and our art, is in processing the many different types of grain extracts and syrups to service all facets of the Food, Pharmaceutical, Snack, and Brewing industries. United Canadian Malt welcomes the opportunity to custom manufacture extracts and syrups to your unique requirements.

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